Rye – 20 miles

Once surrounded by sea, this fortified hilltop town played an important role in the defence of the south coast of England. These days, the river no longer harbours warships and is home to the local fishing fleet.

Meandering for over one and a half miles from Rye to the coast, the river forms part of the picturesque scenery visible from several vantage points in and around the citadel of Rye.

5 miles long, Camber sands is certainly one of the most dramatic golden sandy beaches on the South Coast, a short drive from London. The perfect bucket and spade destination for kids of all ages, a kite surfers paradise (take a class with the local kite surfing school The Kitesurf Centre), dog walkers heaven or just a place to take a stroll and relax on. When the tide is out the beach seemingly goes on for miles, and the sunsets, particularly in the Spring and Autumn are legendary.

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